. Seva (Service) and to the Lord from Generation to Generation

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Seva (Service) and to the Lord from Generation to Generation
Thursday, 01 June 2006 18:05
Srimati Deokie Lactminarine
Srimati Deokie Lactminarine fondly known as Aunty Kunjie has been serving the Sri Krishna Mandir since the 1970's. She's an ardent devotee who loves to serve those who attends the mandir. Aunty Kunjie has been the main "chef" of the temple for many years now and she takes great pride in preparing "bhojan" for the many spiritual seekers who frequents the temple. Her number one dish is her tasty "Kichhri."
What is admirable about this individual is her dedication at the age of 72. Whether it's sunshine or rain, Aunty Kunjie is always present to serve the temple. Even at times she stands alone before the hot pots, all because of her love for Sri Krishna.
She is a dedicated mother of 8 and a loving grandmother. One of our gems in the temple is her grand daughter Nalini. Nalini is an exceptional young lady who will bring fame to her family and her country. She is bright, brave, bold and talented. She is an ace student in her academics and also topped the country in her hindi exams. Nalini recently celebrated her 16th birthday, but she's still everyone's baby in the temple. She is one of the young lady who leads in the temple service. She recites sanskrit shlokas with ease and grace. Indeed her hindi school teacher, Mrs. Maraj is proud of her and so am I. Nalini is currently writing the Caribbean Education Council Secondary Education Certificate Examination, yet she comes to serve in the temple. May Sri Krishna bless you child !
Aunty Kunjie and Nalini
The reason i've decided to profile these two personalities is because of :
Their love for Sri Krishna
Their dedication to the Sri Krishna Mandir
Their envolvement in the propagation of Sanatan Dharma
And more so, the goodness that is flowing from generation to generation.
May we also look back at the lives of our parents and grandparents and follow in the same righteous path which they would have led.
Thank you for your effort, dedication and hard work for keeping the Hindu Society of Berbice a beacon within the hindu community. I humbly salute both of you for your love of Sri Krishna. May the Lord fulfill your righteous desires and may you grow from strength to strength, prosperity to prosperity and experience all which is good in this world.
With prem and pranaam
Pandit Rajin Balgobind (Nalini's Guruji)
Sandeepani Vidyalaya Hindu Center

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