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Youths of Sri Krishna Mandir
Monday, 03 July 2006 18:45

A Mandir (temple)  is a link between man and God, between the earthly life and the divine life, between the actual and the ideal. It is the place where God dwells on earth to bless mankind. Temples always exercise an enormous influence on our social life and give peace to the frustrated minds. Some come to perform pujas (rituals) which serves to enhance and strengthens one's personal self, some come to get away from the modern world and all it's extremities, regardless the mandir serves a very important role in a human being's life.

Mandir attracts people from all different walks of life. Poor, rich, educated, uneducated, families, old and young.  One of the core teachings of Hinduism is Duty. According to Srimad Bhagavat Gita:

Duty leads to Discipline, Discipline leads to Systematic Behavior, Systematic Behavior leads to order and harmony in one's life. It all begins with Duty, what man should do and what he should stay away from. The mandir definitely serves to Educate!

Messages of the Gita are read weekly to our congregation, as the Gita is the actual manual handed down by God Himself educating man on how to live life. Sri Krishna Mandir's base is the Srimad Bhagavat Gita. We are committed to spreading the message of the Gita. Tremendous care is given to our congregation, for without a congregation there's no way an organization will survive and hence the eternal message of Hinduism.

This month Hindus worldwide will observe Guru Purnima, where we honor our teachers. Those who have made positive impact upon our lives. For all lessons will go in vain unless the student lives what he/she was thought. I'm proud of the Sri Krishna Mandir youths and it's my joy and pride to feature them this month. 

From the moment I was introduced to them, a special bond developed and my meeting with them certainly had a great personal impact. I'm not sure how much they follow whatever I've imparted onto them, but they have thought me a few lessons, some directly and some indirectly. There should be a mutual relationship between a guru and disciple. Both should respect each other and also learn from one another. The guru may possess what the deciple want and the disciple possesses what the guru wants. The guru, with his/her knowledge, experience, and wisdom, while the deciple have the eagerness to learn, grow and excel in life. Like a drop of water and a ray of sunshine coming in contact with that seed ready to germinate into that glorious tree, to offer itself in service to mankind.


When I met them, they were children. Today some of them are grown young men and women eager to advance in life. They have been attending the temple from their childhood and soon many will move on in life, but one thing for sure what they were thought at the Sri Krishna Mandir have etched itself into their minds and hearts. They are the strength of the temple. Willing to work from morning to night and do it with love and laughter. I admire this about them, their togetherness. I believe in our youth, we all enjoyed that, but as we age that unity is rarely found. We must stress on unity and unity can be achieve only by looking at what we have in common rather than our differences. We love Sri Krishna and our common desire is to propagate and preserve the teachings of Sanatan Dharma, what more of a reason do we need for UNITY !

I salute my children, for they have given me a purpose in life. I look forward to continue working with them for the benefit of our community and society at large. I'm proud of all of them namely: Poonam, Doc, Ramo, Baba, Alston, Ryan, Kishan, Amit, Elisha, Balram, Vickram,  Christine, Shivani, Datalin, Nalini, Golda, Padmini, Rohini, Umesh, Vikash, Vijay, Deodat, Komal, Andy, Ravi, Priya, Anand, Jenny, Dave, Tara and the list goes on.

May all of you continue to thread the path of dharma and even if you make a mistake, pick yourself up and continue along. For no good work goes unrewarded in life.

Jai Sri Krishna

Be Happy


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