. Balvikas Summer Satsangh Camp 2006

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Balvikas Summer Satsangh Camp 2006
Monday, 04 September 2006 07:45
ImageSri Krishna Mandir held it's annual Balvikas Summer Satsangh Camp. Over 60 children participated in the program which was a grand success. It was led by Mataji Chandrouti Maraj and her senior students.
The program ran for a month and the children participated in chanting sanskrit prayers, basic hindi vocabulary, sankirtan and bhajans, games etc. and were provided with snacks and lunch. This year we saw a greater turnout as many are inspired by the organization's development with our school and community center project.
We hope to commence next year after the completion of the school, Rishi Sandeepani Vidyalaya. A kindergarten school which will offer a comprehensive program that will include reading, writing, math, science, and social studies compounded with the ethics and morals of Sanatan Dharma. With dedicated teachers and a secure, nurturing environment for all students we are positive this project will be a success and many are looking foward to it.

Acknowledging a dedicated devotee, Sri Krishna Mandir says Shubh Yatra to one of our own.

Smt. Leela Girdhari with Mataji Chan Maraj cutting Sri Krishna's cake on Janamashtami night.
Sri Krishna Mandir wishes Smt. Leela Girdhari a wonderful trip to the United States. Leela has been with the Sri Krishna Mandir for over 25 years. She has been there to celebrate our achievements and at the same time shed tears in our trials and tribulations. She served her community with great zeal and love, for Sri Krishna Mandir was her family, but now she's with her children in New York and we in guyana are without a dedicated devotee.
Leelaji, we continue to wish you Sri Krishna's blessings and pray and hope you will remember us in guyana and visit us from time to time. By your selfless actions, we sincerely hope someone will be inspired to join the Sri Krishna Mandir team and serve. We love you and we will miss you greatly.
Sandeepani Vidyalaya Hindu Center

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