. Diwali Sewa 2006

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Diwali Sewa 2006
Monday, 23 October 2006 04:59
The Hindu Society of Berbice, Sri Krishna Mandir successfully completed it's Diwali Seva for the year 2006. Through our generous supporters in Guyana, USA, and Canada we were able to serve over 30 communities and over 350 families received grocery hampers. "Daan" - Charity is one of the pillars of Sanatan Dharma. This year more noble minded people were inspired to get involved in our Diwali Seva. Generous donations were made during Navratri celebration in Richmond Hill, New York by the congregation at the New York Hindu Milan Mandir, soon many supporters sent their donations and from the pictures you'll see where the funds went. We would like to thank all those who supported this project and a hearty thank you for your financial and moral support.

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Here is a list of some of the mandirs that were contacted. They provided a list of the most deserving personalities in the community which included not only the poor, but also senior citizens, handicapped individuals, single mothers and children of those families:
Edinburgh Scheme
Gay Park
New Amsterdam
Betsy Ground
Goed Banana Land
Reliance Abandon
Reliance Arya Samaj
No. 2 Arya Samaj
No. 2 Hindu Temple
No. 19 Hindu Temple
Fyrish Road
Sheels Town
Cotton Tree
Woodley Park and more............
Both the Guyana Chronicle and Stabroek newspapers covered the event together with local television stations. It is our sincere desire to win back the confidence within our Hindu community and join efforts to make continuous achievements as followers of the world's oldest religion.
Once again our sincere gratitude to our supporters especially the New York Hindu Milan Mandir.
Jai Sri Krishna
Pandit Rajin Balgobind


**--Press Release --**
Guyana Chronicle News Article

300 Berbice families to benefit from ‘Diwali Seva’
SOME 300 families are expected to benefit, this year, from the annual food distribution programme, ‘Diwali Seva’, executed by the Hindu Society of Berbice Shri Krishna Mandir at Gay Park, New Amsterdam. A release said the 2006 disbursement, estimated to cost about $1M, was made possible through donations from devotees in Guyana, Canada and the United States.

The release said the project was initiated last year in accordance with the goodwill during the period of Diwali that is dedicated to the worship of Maha Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, for the attainment of health, wealth, knowledge and peace.Head of the Society, Pandit Rajin Balgobind said the gesture is intended to help deserving families, single mothers, children and senior citizens in Regions Five (Mahaica/Berbice) and Six (East Berbice/Corentyne).

“Deepavali is our thanksgiving, both to Bhagwan (God) and to our society. We encourage all to get involved more in community seva (selfless service) and add more ghee in your lamp of faith, strengthen your faith, have faith in your faith,” the release stated.
The statement also said that, apart from the yearly Diwali Seva, the society is involved in several developmental projects, such as the construction of a community centre at Gay Park and the operation of an active medical and scholarship fund.

Balgobind and his executive extended ‘Happy Diwali’ wishes from the non-profit grouping which is responsible for the protection, propagation and preservation of the ancient teaching of Satya Sanatan Dharm. The statement said one of the main responsibilities of the society is providing food to the destitute and underprivileged.

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