. Education best investment anyone can make

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Education best investment anyone can make
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 13:52

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Hundreds of Berbicians will benefit from a multi-million dollar community and educational facility which was commissioned on Sunday at Gay Park, New Amsterdam, Berbice. The facility is housed in the compound of Gay Park Shree Krishna Mandir and was built through a collaborative effort by members of the Hindu Society of Berbice.

Present was Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy who commended the society for making such an investment which will benefit the people of Berbice especially youths. ?Education is an investment worth more than all the money than anyone can put into it. The Hindu Society of Berbice should be commended for taking up the responsibility of building this facility. It is an example for the other organisations to follow and I think we should all thank God for it because I do believe that in years to come you will see the benefits of it in your children,? Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said.

The 60 by 80 feet structure was built to provide a number of services. The building contains several facilities including nine self-contained rooms, computer laboratory, library, lecture hall and a kitchen. Officiating Priest of the Gay Park Shree Krishna Mandir, Pandit Rajin Balgobin called on youths to make full use of the facility. ?This building is open to anyone who one wants to come and learn. As we commission this building, it is to reiterate our commitment that we can achieve anything that we want, providing our intentions are good,? Pandit Balgobin said.

He extended his appreciation to all those who assisted in making the construction of the facility possible and pledged his support for future endeavours. ?The beauty of this building must be measured not only by its physical appearance but by its functions as well and the real beauty of this building will be reflected in the services that we intend to offer,? Pandit Balgobin added. Financial support for the construction of facility the was provided by the members the Hindu Society of Berbice both local and overseas.

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