. Sri Krishna Janamashtami 2009

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Sri Krishna Janamashtami 2009
Monday, 10 August 2009 19:46

ImageKaraar vindain padaarvindam, mukhaar vinde vinivaishayantam
Vatasya patrasya pute shayaanam, baalam mukundam manasaa smaraami

I remember with my heart Bhagwan Sri Krishna in the form of a child
Entering His lotus like foot into His lotus like mouth
With the help of His lotus like hand and sleeping on the leaf of a banyan tree

Sanatan Dharma is the most democratic religion in existence. Tremendous freedom is given in worship. The Supreme entity makes it's self accessible to the devotee according to each devotee's mental and spiritual capacity.

The Supreme can be adored with a form (Saguna) or without a form (Nirguna). One can closes his eyes and visualize that internal source of energy or one can open his eyes and feast off the beauty of the Lord in the form of an icon (murti - pratima). The Supreme can be both a mother and a father. The Supreme can be a God or a Goddess (Devata or Devi). The Supreme makes itself accessible to all. There are various relationship we can have with God, for example:

Bhagwan is Bhagwan, then we are devotee like Sri Vishnu Bhagwan and Narad ji.
Bhagwan is Mother / Father, then we are his children like Sri Vishnu Bhagwan with Prahalad and Druva.
Bhagwan is Friend, then I am His friend like Sri Krishna and Arjuna, Sri Ram and Sugriva.
Bhagwan is a Thakur (Boss), then we are His servants (Sevaks). Like Sri Ram and Hanumanji
Bhagwan is a Child, then we can be His parents like Yashoda and Nanda to Sri Krishna.
Bhagwan is our beloved, then we are His in totality like Meerabai and Sri Krishna.

However the relationship is coined, we have DIRECT access to the Supreme with the freedom to visualize and worship in multifarious aspects.

ImageBhaado maas, ashtami tithi, krishna paksha marks a very important day in the hindu calendar. That is, the holy month of Bhaado, eighth night on the dark half of the month. That's the time when the unseen form of God took form. It marks the appearance of Sri Krishna. Known as Janamashtami, it's celebrated by the Smartas on one day and one day exclusively for Vaishnava hence two days are set aside for the celebration.

Three major objectives for Sri Krishna's incarnation:

1) To establish Dharma
2) Deliver the message of the Bhagvad Gita (Text on the art of living)
3) For the faithful

This Sri Krishna Janamashtami, we wish to extend our wishes to you and your family. May we continue to live a life Of Krishna, For Krishna, By Krishna. Krishna inspired, Krishna dedicated, Krishna Obligated. He is there for us 25 hours a day and 8 days a week. Through the Gita, He comforts, consoles, educates, enlightens, disciplines, warns and shows us His grace. I humbly ask of you to read the Gita, apply it to your lives. It will not only strengthen our personal lives, it will enhance our family lives and society at large. The should be spent chanting His holy name, meditate and contemplate on Prabhu. Then in the evening attend your respective mandir and join in the celebration and allow the soul to dance once it communes with Him.

Shubh Janamashtami 2009.
Sandeepani Vidyalaya Hindu Center

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