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Sandeepani Vidyalaya Hindu Center
Video Highlights - Opening of the Sandeepani Vidyalaya Hindu Center & Bhagwat Yajna
Wednesday, 03 October 2007 10:32

Presented below are some video highlights of the week long celebration to commemorate the opening of the Sandeepani Vidyalaya Hindu Center and the Srimad Bhagwat Mahapuran Gyaan Yajna. To view the clips, please click the 'Read more" link.

Jai Sri Krishna

Education best investment anyone can make
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 13:52

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Hundreds of Berbicians will benefit from a multi-million dollar community and educational facility which was commissioned on Sunday at Gay Park, New Amsterdam, Berbice. The facility is housed in the compound of Gay Park Shree Krishna Mandir and was built through a collaborative effort by members of the Hindu Society of Berbice.

Present was Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy who commended the society for making such an investment which will benefit the people of Berbice especially youths. ?Education is an investment worth more than all the money than anyone can put into it. The Hindu Society of Berbice should be commended for taking up the responsibility of building this facility. It is an example for the other organisations to follow and I think we should all thank God for it because I do believe that in years to come you will see the benefits of it in your children,? Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said.

We are almost there!
Wednesday, 21 February 2007 07:36
Jai Sri Krishna

Almost there !!
Our project is coming close to a completion. Major construction is completed. Ongoing is the electrical wiring and then light fixtures and soon we will commence painting the building and tiling the floors. This majestic building will house a Hindu based kindergarten school, sant kutir (accommodation for any visiting pandit / swami), computer room and library, guest rooms for visitors, a meditation / lecture hall (Saraswati Hall), kitchen with dining facilities.
School & Community Center Project 2006
Saturday, 06 May 2006 14:35
School & Community Center Project 2006 - A socio service project of The Hindu Society of Berbice

ImageThe Hindu Society of Berbice has embarked on a major project. Work commenced on the auspicious occasion of Vasant Navratri, in the holy month of Chaitra 2006 and is expected to be completed in 8 months. This building will serve to educate the youths of the community, from East Bank Berbice to Canje. Offering services so students can develop the work habits, character, and sense of personal responsibility needed to succeed in school, at work, and in society. To offer extra help to those who are struggling in their academic studies. There will be a computer lab with printers and copiers and a well stocked library and resource center. There is enough land also for a safe playground for the little ones to spend their spare time. To truly provide a safe and spiritually charged learning environment for our youths.

We are working together with the community in realizing this dream, and we need your support.

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