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Welcome to the Hindu Society of Berbice, Sri Krishna Mandir, an organization dedicated to the propagation and preservation of the ancient teachings of Satya Sanatan Dharma or the blissful religion known as Hinduism.

Balvikas Summer Satsangh Camp 2006
Monday, 04 September 2006 07:45
ImageSri Krishna Mandir held it's annual Balvikas Summer Satsangh Camp. Over 60 children participated in the program which was a grand success. It was led by Mataji Chandrouti Maraj and her senior students.
The program ran for a month and the children participated in chanting sanskrit prayers, basic hindi vocabulary, sankirtan and bhajans, games etc. and were provided with snacks and lunch. This year we saw a greater turnout as many are inspired by the organization's development with our school and community center project.
My Sat Guru - Pujya Sri Prema Pandurang
Monday, 07 August 2006 07:31
Pujya Sri Prema Pandurang
Jai Sri Krishna.
Bhakti Bharati Pujya Sri Prema Pandurang is highly revered as both an academic scholar and a Sat Guru. My first introduction to my Sat Guru was a series of lecture tapes i purchased at the Vishnu Mandir in Toronto. The discourse was based upon the Srimad Bhagvat Mahapuran. For about a year or so, those tapes were lost in my closet until I discovered them and started listening while I was stuck in New York City's traffic.
Youths of Sri Krishna Mandir
Monday, 03 July 2006 18:45

A Mandir (temple)  is a link between man and God, between the earthly life and the divine life, between the actual and the ideal. It is the place where God dwells on earth to bless mankind. Temples always exercise an enormous influence on our social life and give peace to the frustrated minds. Some come to perform pujas (rituals) which serves to enhance and strengthens one's personal self, some come to get away from the modern world and all it's extremities, regardless the mandir serves a very important role in a human being's life.

Seva (Service) and to the Lord from Generation to Generation
Thursday, 01 June 2006 18:05
Srimati Deokie Lactminarine
Srimati Deokie Lactminarine fondly known as Aunty Kunjie has been serving the Sri Krishna Mandir since the 1970's. She's an ardent devotee who loves to serve those who attends the mandir. Aunty Kunjie has been the main "chef" of the temple for many years now and she takes great pride in preparing "bhojan" for the many spiritual seekers who frequents the temple. Her number one dish is her tasty "Kichhri."
What is admirable about this individual is her dedication at the age of 72. Whether it's sunshine or rain, Aunty Kunjie is always present to serve the temple. Even at times she stands alone before the hot pots, all because of her love for Sri Krishna.
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