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Welcome to the Hindu Society of Berbice, Sri Krishna Mandir, an organization dedicated to the propagation and preservation of the ancient teachings of Satya Sanatan Dharma or the blissful religion known as Hinduism.

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Shubh Deepavali!
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 21:04

ImageDiwali or Deepavali is one of the most celebrated festivals of Sanatan Dharma that carries with it the message of hope and good will. Popularly referred to as the festival of light, diwali is one of our holiest observances.

It’s a time for togetherness. It’s a time to pool our senses together and celebrate who we are and what we have achieved as an individual. It’s a time for us to come together with our family members in worship and illuminate our residences with little lamps. It’s a blessed occasion for us to join hands in our community. It behooves us to create a society of true brotherhood and collectively strive for a better tomorrow.

We pray to Maha Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity that may auspiciousness surround us. May we engage in righteous acts that will yield positive results not only for ourselves and families but also society.

Our faith is expressed and enhanced in our worship of the Goddess. Puja is an outpouring of love and gratitude and at the said time we humbly beseech Maha Lakshmi for continued happiness and success.

Miracle of Maa Durga and flowing of kumkum powder
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 16:15

ImageA miracle is considered to be a fortuitous occurrence, a statistically unlikely but beneficial event according to definition. All religions from time to time have laid claim to such occurrences. There have been testimonies of salvation, healing and deliverance from all kinds of bondage's. This is the story of faith. According to Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), faith is that which sustains. Faith is that which allows one to grow in the spiritual realm and thus grants stability in one's daily life. Devi Durga, goddess Durga is the embodiment of faith. What has happened in Guyana is nothing more than a rekindling of that lamp of faith which has been extinguished or has dwindled in the lives of Hindus. The flowing of the auspicious kumkum (Vermillion) from the pratima (icon) of Maa Durga is a wonderful and blessed miracle.

Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) is the religion of those who live a life guided by truth, compassion, self and sense control and cleanliness. With the progression of time, we are amazed at the advancement of technology, excited by material gains but disheartened to see what level the human spirit has been reduced to.

We continuously read about the physical abuse, sexual abuse and brutal murders of our mothers, daughters and sisters. Neglect at the health institutions and those put in charge to care especially for mothers to be has led to the death of three women in one week. The continuous abuse of our mothers, sisters and daughters will lead to the downfall of our society. 

Mandirs (Hindu place of worship) throughout the country are left abandoned by worshippers. Some say due to lack of pandits (spiritual leaders), Hindus don't turn out to their places of worship. This has led to mass conversion and loss of interests among Hindus in their religion.

This event is a wake up call for Hindus in Guyana. This miracle should be utilized to awaken those in their slumber. Families, fathers, mothers and children need to return to their mandirs. It's a call for Hindus to once again reaffirm their faith and advance into the future. It's a wake up call for greater respect and care to be given to our mothers, sisters and daughters. Abuse in its hideous forms be it mental, physical and worst sexual needs to be address and curbed in our society. We need to grow into a zero tolerance society when it comes to abuse. Too many innocent lives are being taken. It's time to build a stronger and caring society.

After 172 years and umpteen attempts to convert the Hindu mass into other religions, Hinduism still shines in Guyana. "Awake, arise, and stop not until the goal is reached, " let this quote from Swami Vivekanand resonate in the minds of all.

Vasant Panchami 2010
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 17:29

ImageVasant is the season when nature is at its beautiful, bountiful best. Flowers are in full bloom and trees sprout shoots. It is a season when nature regenerates and everything is fresh and new. The cool morning air is laden with the faint smell of mango blossoms. Mustard fields turn into a heady mix of yellow and green as they add color, poetry and romance to life. The goddess Saraswati is dressed in yellow garments and people wear yellow clothing to mark the occasion of Vasant Panchami.

The constant interplay between our inner seeking and the innate state of knowledge within which we are unaware – the dialectic between becoming and being which is the cornerstone of the Upanishads – takes on a mystical and devotional hue in tradition in the personification of Goddess Saraswati as the muse of learning and knowledge. Whether in her river form or swarupa as she is exalted in the Rig Veda – nourishing an entire civilization on her banks – or in her shubhra vasana or in white attire, the feminine form inspiring all creative energies, Saraswati represents the ever flowing stream of consciousness within.

Diwali Article from Guyana Chronicle Newspaper
Friday, 30 October 2009 18:56

Diwali Cheer

Members of the Sri Krishna Mandir, located at Gay Park, Greater New Amsterdam, caused many gloomy faces to light up with joy when they shared out food hampers to the poor and needy throughout Berbice as part of their observances of the “Festival of Lights”.

Adviser to the Mandir and Hindi Teacher Mrs Chandrawattie Maraj disclosed that the Mandir filled over six hundred hampers with a range of twenty-six food items and distributed them to the poor and needy in both East and West Berbice earlier this week.

Diwali Sewa 2009
Friday, 30 October 2009 18:49

Diwali SewaJai Sri Krishna. We extend our sincere gratitude to the supporters in Guyana, USA, and Canada for their once again generous contribution towards the distribution of grocery hampers on the occasion of Diwali. Through your kindness, over 600 families were given a week of groceries. 2009 marks the 5th anniversary of our Diwali Seva program.  We thank you very much for your kindness. May Sri Krishna bless each of you and your family in abundance and thank you for extending your charitable heart.


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